Ethics and Compliance Policy

Compliance Culture at Alsa

At Alsa, we have established an organizational culture focused on regulatory compliance in all areas, ensuring the effectiveness of controls related to various subjects and strengthening our compliance model.

  • Our compliance model is based on the following key elements:
  • Identifying activities that pose a legal risk.
  • Establishing necessary protocols and procedures for defining and implementing processes to mitigate the risk of offenses.
  • Verifying and evaluating the compliance model.
  • The obligation to report any issues, complaints, or non-compliance through the Alsa Integrity Channel.
  • Raising awareness and understanding of the need to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and internal procedures.
  • The Integrity Channel allows for anonymous and confidential communications, guaranteeing protection against retaliation for whistleblowers.



It sets out the principles, values and conduct governing the organisation that must be complied with by all its members.


It describes the objectives and principles underpinning Alsa’s Criminal Compliance Management System and the roles and responsibilities involved.

Integrity Channel

Through the Navex software tool


By calling any of these numbers:

Then, dialling the number: 877-907-2683


By calling: 0-800-890011
Then, dialling the number: 877-907-2683


Via smartphone by using this QR Code which redirects directly to the website:

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